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What is the average price of a house in South Australia?

“The latest data from the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) showed that the Gawler real estate market “has continued to show its resilience and strength”. Posting a record median price of $600,000 in the March quarter of 2023, it’s a rise of 9.09 per cent on the same time 12 months prior”.5 June 2023

What is the population of Gawler?

According to the 2021 census Gawler has 24,988 People living in this Suburb – with 12073 being Male and 12,916 being female.

What is the oldest country town in South Australia?

Gawler, often considered one of the oldest country towns in South Australia, but not the absolute oldest, holds significant historical importance. While places like Glenelg and Holdfast Bay were settled in 1836, Gawler’s establishment in 1839 solidifies its status as one of the oldest. Explore Gawler’s rich history and its present-day charm with Gawler real estate offerings.

Gawler Real Estate History

Gawler, SA, has a rich history, including in the realm of real estate. Here is a brief overview of Gawler’s real estate history:

1. Early Settlement: Gawler was founded in 1839, making it one of the earliest towns established in South Australia. It was named after George Gawler, the second Governor of South Australia. Early land grants and sales played a significant role in shaping the town’s development.
2. Land Sales and Allotments: As with many early Australian settlements, land sales and allotments were crucial for the growth of Gawler. The South Australian government offered land to settlers at various price points, which attracted a diverse group of people to the area.
3. Growth and Expansion: Gawler experienced steady growth throughout the 19th century. The town’s real estate market played a pivotal role in accommodating newcomers and supporting the town’s expansion. This growth was driven by factors like agriculture, mining, and the arrival of the railway in the mid-19th century.
4. Historical Architecture: Gawler is known for its well-preserved historical architecture, including many heritage-listed buildings. These properties often play a significant role in the town’s real estate market, attracting buyers interested in historical and character homes.
5. Suburban Development: In the 20th century, Gawler experienced suburban development as it became a commuter town for people working in nearby Adelaide. Subdivisions and residential real estate development became prominent during this period.
6. Real Estate Services: Real estate agencies and services have been an integral part of Gawler’s history, providing assistance to buyers and sellers throughout the years.

Today, Gawler’s real estate market continues to evolve, reflecting the town’s historical charm, its status as a regional centre, and the changing needs of its residents. The market includes a mix of historical homes, modern developments, and properties catering to various lifestyles and preferences.

Additionally, the town’s real estate industry plays a vital role in supporting both residents and newcomers who seek to call Gawler home.

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