July 2023

Its All About The Listing – What To Look Out For When Hiring A Real Estate Agent

At Gawler East Real Estate we realise that some within the marketplace will try and win a listing by appraising high and have no, or very poor data to back up their claim. Being human we are naturally enticed when someone states they can get more for a property, than what the market is prepared to pay. The Real Estate Agent knows this and when putting forward a figure, that’s higher than recent...

Gawler Homes Sold – May 24th 2023 too July 25th 2023

Every month Gawler East Real Estate will give an insight to the number of homes that were sold in the Gawler East suburb and the Gawler 5118 district. We will show the average price for a 3 and 4 bedroom dwelling and plot this increase or decrease every month to show potential home sellers what they could get now and into the future. Gawler East Real Estate has taken data off realestate.com.au to get...

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